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Say hello to the biggest safety breakthrough since the seat belt.

Every 55 seconds, a teen is injured or killed in a car crash.
It’s time to change that.

We have the technology—and its name is tiwi™.

tiwi™ is so
revolutionary it could reduce your child's chance of being in a crash by up to 62%. It also gives you, as the parent, a level of involvement and peace of mind you never thought possible.

Most accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities are caused by three main unsafe behaviors: 1) not wearing a seatbelt 2) aggressive driving behavior such as hard braking, turning and accelerating and 3) speeding.

tiwi mentors teen drivers in real-time by providing in-vehicle, verbal feedback to the driver when they are speeding, not wearing their seatbelt or driving aggressively. Also, parents can be notified immediately of unsafe driving behavior (through text, voicemail or email) and all info is reported through an Internet-based portal for later review and discussion between parent and teen.

This system is much more than merely a device; tiwi is part driving instructor, part mentor, part guardian angel. It is a complete system of tools and communications that can dramatically improve safety and skills for young drivers while giving parents the greatest sense of control and confidence along the way.

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